Shipping Policy

Shipping rates will vary depending upon amount orders, and delivery method chosen by the customer. All orders will be shipped via UPS GROUND, unless specified otherwise. Please be advised UPS delivers Monday through Saturday except holidays. Shipping charges are determined only after the package is sealed and weighed. If you are unsure about a shipping method, please contact us at 213 - 660 - 2280 and we will gladly assist you.


Shipping Hours

We try our best to ship out your orders on the same day, but with a high volume of orders it may take up to 3 business days when all the items are in-stock and 2-4 business days after arrival day when items are not-in-stock.

Usually if we receive the orders before 11:00 AM PST there is a higher chance that your order will be shipped out the same day, as long as all the items are in-stock. If you urgently need your order, you can always make a special request to our sales representative by leaving us a comment on the check-out box or by via e-mail/telephone.

The UPS pick-up truck always arrives by 4:00PM PST; we must prepare all shipments by this time. If you order after 11:00AM PST we might not be able to prepare it on time. In this case, the shipment will be passed onto the next day.

**Please be advised all orders after 11:00AM PST may not be shipped the same day**


If the items that you've purchased are out of stock, it will be placed as a backorder. This means we will ship it out as soon as we restock. Our shipping department will always contact you regarding this issue and you may decide to keep it as a backorder, exchange it with something else, or cancel it.

International Shipping

Even though our main carrier is UPS, we do offer other carriers exclusively for our international customers. We can work with any shipping company that you trust for your convenience. Please keep in mind that using other carries might take longer than the usual.

Customers are held responsible for paying all duties, taxes, customs fees, and other fees for their merchandise.


If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible. If your order has already been shipped, we will not be able to cancel it. Always revise your order before you check out.
If your credit card is declined, your order will be shipped only when payment is cleared.
If your payment is not processed in a timely manner, we may cancel your order at our discretion.